Throwback Thursday; that time I got Stung in the face by a wasp

That’s not some joke or ploy to get you to read this post. It is true. I got stung in the face by a wasp yesterday. Also, yesterday sucked. It was just a bad day. This time it was all external stuff creating chaos in my life, but it still sucked. So getting stung, by... Continue Reading →


Fuck #metoo

I am so fucking triggered by the #metoo campaign. I mean don't get me wrong - if people feel like posting #metoo because it is helpful for them and their recovery/story then by all means, post away and I'm proud of you. I'm not upset at anyone who has posted anything - but here is... Continue Reading →


Oh my goodness. I am angry. I understand when the average person is ignorant about eating disorders. I can understand that even my close friends and family sometimes say unhelpful things or triggering things without realizing it. That stuff makes me angry too, sure. But I had an experience on Friday that was so triggering... Continue Reading →

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