Throwback Thursday: All About this Blog

Hey! I don’t have a pen name and I’m choosing to remain anonymous for the time being but one day I just might reveal who I am – guess you’ll have to keep coming back to find out. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this personal blog for public viewing as I sort myself out... Continue Reading →


Weekend Update

I realize I missed last weekend's update. (and also my mid-week coping tools this week)...that may give you some insight into how I'm doing...or more what I'm doing...I am busy! My classes wrap up in a couple weeks, so between studying and finishing my assignments it feels like I have no room to think/breath/life.. and... Continue Reading →

Fuck #metoo

I am so fucking triggered by the #metoo campaign. I mean don't get me wrong - if people feel like posting #metoo because it is helpful for them and their recovery/story then by all means, post away and I'm proud of you. I'm not upset at anyone who has posted anything - but here is... Continue Reading →


Selah is a Hebrew word which means musical interlude. More specifically it means to pause and reflect... Like in a song when there is a musical break, maybe a nifty guitar solo in a rock song or a beautiful serenade of cellos or violas in something more classical. Anyways I have titled this blog post... Continue Reading →

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