Eating Disorders and PCOS

I wrote this article to be submitted on a blog I follow for PCOS. I thought I'd include it on my blog too. This particular post is more PCOS focused than ED focused and might not be too relatable to some of my regular readers, but I worked hard on writing it and thought it... Continue Reading →


Common Defenses your Eating Disorder may use…update included

Hi Everyone... For some reason I thought I would have so much more time to blog while in treatment. But hahahaa, jokes on me - treatment is hard hard hard work and updating this blog, although I wish was more frequent, has become something lower on my priority list. I do hope to change that... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update

Today marks the end of my second week, or the beginning of my third week, in residential treatment for my eating disorder. I have been here before, in 2016. As much as you could love treatment, I loved it here. I was eager to be here and not once did I think about leaving. This... Continue Reading →

Menu Monday, on a Thursday

Guys! Treatment is hard work. I mean duh?! right? But I am tired all the time. I have been meaning to update or blog something for a few days now and each day something happens that wipes me out emotionally. Usually in a good way. Anyways - It is Thursday, and I have so much... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 7

Good Morning! (I'm writing this in the morning however this will be posted at night) 6am: Today I woke up at six am. No alarm. It's Saturday and I could sleep in until 9am if I wanted to, but nope, 6am it is. Oh well. I lied in bed, watched a little bit of a... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 6

Friday 27 April Today (Friday) marks two years since I got admitted to the hospital inpatient eating disorder unit and I got my life back. Wow. Two years of hard and intensive treatment. I am so grateful for this. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, recovery IS possible. It's hard as hell, but... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 5

Day 5 was Thursday, today is Saturday! I am sorry I'm behind in my updates. This is reflective of a busy schedule and heightened emotions. Ok Thursday: Day 5 I slept much better than the night before. I fell asleep around 11 and slept straight through to 630. My alarm startled me awake. 630: Wake... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 4

Wednesday's are our 'day off', kind of though not really. And for a 'day off' I sure was busy. 6am: Woke up. This is much earlier than I had hoped to wake up at. On Wednesdays we can sleep in until 8:30, if we want to wake up and eat with very little time in... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 3

Yesterday was a long, hard, and busy day. I did not have even a moment to stop and blog! Let me tell you about it. 3:30am: Yes you ready that right, 330!!! I woke up to use the bathroom. I looked at the time and was kinda excited because I thought "yay -I can fall... Continue Reading →

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