Fuck #metoo

I am so fucking triggered by the #metoo campaign. I mean don't get me wrong - if people feel like posting #metoo because it is helpful for them and their recovery/story then by all means, post away and I'm proud of you. I'm not upset at anyone who has posted anything - but here is... Continue Reading →


Grateful. Hopeful. Fearful.

I have three things to write about today. 1) My dietitian is the best! 2) Treatment and Hopefulness! 3) Symptoms and Hopelessness So, my dietitian rocks my world. I am so blessed to get to work with such an amazing human being. I've had a few dietitians in my day and unfortunately I've had some... Continue Reading →

What Would (my therapist) Say?

I am struggling. Big time I am suicidal. I am self-harming (something I haven't done in over 10 years) I am slowly? (quickly?) relapsing into my eating disorder. I'm going from recovery focused to ambivalent. I bought a fucking scale today and have already weighed myself more in the past 5 hours than I have... Continue Reading →


Oh my goodness. I am angry. I understand when the average person is ignorant about eating disorders. I can understand that even my close friends and family sometimes say unhelpful things or triggering things without realizing it. That stuff makes me angry too, sure. But I had an experience on Friday that was so triggering... Continue Reading →

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