Common Defenses your Eating Disorder may use…update included

Hi Everyone... For some reason I thought I would have so much more time to blog while in treatment. But hahahaa, jokes on me - treatment is hard hard hard work and updating this blog, although I wish was more frequent, has become something lower on my priority list. I do hope to change that... Continue Reading →


Weekend Update

Today marks the end of my second week, or the beginning of my third week, in residential treatment for my eating disorder. I have been here before, in 2016. As much as you could love treatment, I loved it here. I was eager to be here and not once did I think about leaving. This... Continue Reading →

Menu Monday, on a Thursday

Guys! Treatment is hard work. I mean duh?! right? But I am tired all the time. I have been meaning to update or blog something for a few days now and each day something happens that wipes me out emotionally. Usually in a good way. Anyways - It is Thursday, and I have so much... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 7

Good Morning! (I'm writing this in the morning however this will be posted at night) 6am: Today I woke up at six am. No alarm. It's Saturday and I could sleep in until 9am if I wanted to, but nope, 6am it is. Oh well. I lied in bed, watched a little bit of a... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 6

Friday 27 April Today (Friday) marks two years since I got admitted to the hospital inpatient eating disorder unit and I got my life back. Wow. Two years of hard and intensive treatment. I am so grateful for this. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, recovery IS possible. It's hard as hell, but... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 5

Day 5 was Thursday, today is Saturday! I am sorry I'm behind in my updates. This is reflective of a busy schedule and heightened emotions. Ok Thursday: Day 5 I slept much better than the night before. I fell asleep around 11 and slept straight through to 630. My alarm startled me awake. 630: Wake... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 4

Wednesday's are our 'day off', kind of though not really. And for a 'day off' I sure was busy. 6am: Woke up. This is much earlier than I had hoped to wake up at. On Wednesdays we can sleep in until 8:30, if we want to wake up and eat with very little time in... Continue Reading →

Residential Day 3

Yesterday was a long, hard, and busy day. I did not have even a moment to stop and blog! Let me tell you about it. 3:30am: Yes you ready that right, 330!!! I woke up to use the bathroom. I looked at the time and was kinda excited because I thought "yay -I can fall... Continue Reading →

Residential: Day 2

I was wrong. I did not sleep well. I got a major headache last night. I get headaches a lot and I have chronic migraines. Thankfully last night wasn't a migraine, but it was close. So around 1am I went downstairs to get Advil. After that I was able to sleep, but the same ┬áheadache... Continue Reading →

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