Unlikely Hope in Likely Hopelessness

Something surreal just happened to me and I'm still in a bit of wonder. And I'm blogging about it as a very personal journal entry. Yes I know it's public - but this is also an anonymous blog so I'm approaching this story as more of a journal entry. Today was a pretty bad day.... Continue Reading →


Risk Taking

I remember the day my dietitian told me I had to start taking risks with my food choices like it was yesterday. I was in hospital (inpatient) for about 2 or 3 weeks at this point. I remember meeting with her and saying boldly and proudly (despite my fears) that I was going to challenge... Continue Reading →

Dating and Recovery

I never thought I, of all people, would be writing a post on dating and recovery. My eating disorder has robbed me of so much in my life, including romantic relationships. Not because I lost a relationship (broke up) as a consequence of my ED (which I know is true for a lot of sufferers... Continue Reading →

Recovery isn’t Linear

I wrote about how learning that recovery isn't linear was one of the Top Ten Things I Learned in Treatment. I have certainly been reminded of that this week. These past couple days really. You see, yesterday was AWFUL. Defeat. Despair. Desperation. I used symptoms all day, and had full intentions to just keep using them.... Continue Reading →

To The Bone

  What kind of recovery blog would this be without my added two cents on the new Netflix release, To The Bone. Probably a much better one. But since  I watched it i figured I might as well post about it. First of all: it's a movie. It's not a documentary or based off a... Continue Reading →

Travelling Tips and Tricks

I'm still on vacation and I'm still having a great time. However,  as planned and prepared as I was coming there have been some learning curves and I'd like to share some tips and tricks with you. 1) Time Zones How do you mechanically eat and follow a meal plan when you leave one destination... Continue Reading →

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