Let’s Shut Up: (My response to Bell Let’s Talk)

Last year I wrote a paper on the topic of mental health in the media. I have edited the original paper to make it less assignment specific and more generalizable, but as a result it is choppy in some places, sorry. It's an academic paper and much lengthier than my usual blog posts. Trigger Warning:... Continue Reading →

STOP COMMENTING ON MY BODY, even if it is just about my hair

Recently I have had two very important people in my life tell me my hair looks great. That's nice. That's kind. And it's a little fucked up, let me explain why. First of all - I haven't really done anything new to my hair. Secondly, I have lost some weight. Nothing too noticeable (yet) and... Continue Reading →

The gap in the mental health system

I'm in a frustrating place with my mental health symptoms. I am too unstable for community based programs that offer support Monday-Friday between 9 and 5, and I'm too stable for crisis intervention support offered 24 hours a day. My mental health struggle is complex (isn't everyone's?) but right now I am struggling with my... Continue Reading →


In psychotherapy many behaivours (I prefer to call them symptoms- and will do so from here on out) of mental illnesses are classified as egosyntonic and egodystonic. First of all, what does THAT mean? Well egoSYNTONIC describes symptoms that align with a persons values, self image, or in some way or another benefits or is... Continue Reading →

Was doing a DNA test worth it?

Thirty five years ago my mom got pregnant. She had no idea by who and that's mostly her story to tell, however it has left me with so much confusion, fantasy, regrets, worries, fears...and a whole lot of unknowns and what if's. It hasn't been easy. People have tried to comfort me over the years... Continue Reading →

Damn it

I'm back. Yes, back to blogging. But fuck, also back in my eating disorder. Buuuut....i'm not actually upset. I'm in that honeymoon period of it where I'm glad to be back. Where the thrill of weight loss excites me. The sneaky-ness is fun. Everything feels controlled. I know it's not. I know where this leads... Continue Reading →

Seasonal clothing…my nemesis

I think I have a hundred posts on this topic. Well not really because I think I only have about that many posts on this blog anyway. But, for the sake of dramatic effect, for the HUNDREDTH time, I hate spring time and the clothes that go with it. I live in the Northern Hemisphere,... Continue Reading →


I made a podcast about unspecified eating disorders for a school assignment. The sound quality isn't great, and the style is a bit choppy, and the more I listen to it the more critical I become...but overall I'm happy enough with it to share with y'all. 🙂 Oh, and there is a 15 second delay... Continue Reading →

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