Dating and Recovery

I never thought I, of all people, would be writing a post on dating and recovery. My eating disorder has robbed me of so much in my life, including romantic relationships. Not because I lost a relationship (broke up) as a consequence of my ED (which I know is true for a lot of sufferers... Continue Reading →


Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks. Part 2

The 6th Unhelpful Thinking Style (Thinking Trap) is Magnification and Minimization: I've also heard this Thinking Trap called the 'binocular trick' because you're either blowing things up (out of proportion) or shrinking them. Magnification, or catastrophising, is blowing things out of proportion, creating absolute despair. This most often occurs when we look at our errors.... Continue Reading →

Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks

As promised, this is a detailed post on one of the #topten things I learned in treatment. #6 on my list was Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks. I thought it deserved more attention than a short little blurb on my #topten list. So much so that I will be breaking this post down into two... Continue Reading →

Top Ten con’t

This is part 2 of my #topten Things I Learned in Treatment post. I'll post my list again here for reference, but you'll have to go back a post to read about the first half 🙂 10) Mechanical Eating 9) Displacement 8) Recovery isn’t Linear 7) Morning Snack isn’t optional (for me) 6) Thinking Traps... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I Learned in Treatment

10) Mechanical Eating 9) Displacement 8) Recovery isn't Linear 7) Morning Snack isn't optional (for me) 6) Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks 5) It starts and ends with body image 4) FeelingAt(the)Time 3) The (________) Method 2) AND 1) This is where the magic happens I'm going to describe in detail half of them in... Continue Reading →

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