Recovery isn’t Linear

I wrote about how learning that recovery isn't linear was one of the Top Ten Things I Learned in Treatment. I have certainly been reminded of that this week. These past couple days really. You see, yesterday was AWFUL. Defeat. Despair. Desperation. I used symptoms all day, and had full intentions to just keep using them.... Continue Reading →


Top Ten con’t

This is part 2 of my #topten Things I Learned in Treatment post. I'll post my list again here for reference, but you'll have to go back a post to read about the first half 🙂 10) Mechanical Eating 9) Displacement 8) Recovery isn’t Linear 7) Morning Snack isn’t optional (for me) 6) Thinking Traps... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I Learned in Treatment

10) Mechanical Eating 9) Displacement 8) Recovery isn't Linear 7) Morning Snack isn't optional (for me) 6) Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks 5) It starts and ends with body image 4) FeelingAt(the)Time 3) The (________) Method 2) AND 1) This is where the magic happens I'm going to describe in detail half of them in... Continue Reading →

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