Risk Taking

I remember the day my dietitian told me I had to start taking risks with my food choices like it was yesterday. I was in hospital (inpatient) for about 2 or 3 weeks at this point. I remember meeting with her and saying boldly and proudly (despite my fears) that I was going to challenge... Continue Reading →


Dating and Recovery

I never thought I, of all people, would be writing a post on dating and recovery. My eating disorder has robbed me of so much in my life, including romantic relationships. Not because I lost a relationship (broke up) as a consequence of my ED (which I know is true for a lot of sufferers... Continue Reading →

Recovery isn’t Linear

I wrote about how learning that recovery isn't linear was one of the Top Ten Things I Learned in Treatment. I have certainly been reminded of that this week. These past couple days really. You see, yesterday was AWFUL. Defeat. Despair. Desperation. I used symptoms all day, and had full intentions to just keep using them.... Continue Reading →

To The Bone

  What kind of recovery blog would this be without my added two cents on the new Netflix release, To The Bone. Probably a much better one. But since  I watched it i figured I might as well post about it. First of all: it's a movie. It's not a documentary or based off a... Continue Reading →

Travelling Tips and Tricks

I'm still on vacation and I'm still having a great time. However,  as planned and prepared as I was coming there have been some learning curves and I'd like to share some tips and tricks with you. 1) Time Zones How do you mechanically eat and follow a meal plan when you leave one destination... Continue Reading →

Where I’ve been?!

Should anyone actually be following my blog and wondering where I am I'm happy to say I'm on holidays and doing well. This is my first long trip in a while and of course my first one since I graduated my treatment program and so far so good. There have definitely been some hard moments... Continue Reading →

Thinking Traps and Thought Attacks. Part 2

The 6th Unhelpful Thinking Style (Thinking Trap) is Magnification and Minimization: I've also heard this Thinking Trap called the 'binocular trick' because you're either blowing things up (out of proportion) or shrinking them. Magnification, or catastrophising, is blowing things out of proportion, creating absolute despair. This most often occurs when we look at our errors.... Continue Reading →


Selah is a Hebrew word which means musical interlude. More specifically it means to pause and reflect... Like in a song when there is a musical break, maybe a nifty guitar solo in a rock song or a beautiful serenade of cellos or violas in something more classical. Anyways I have titled this blog post... Continue Reading →

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