Residential: Day 2

I was wrong. I did not sleep well. I got a major headache last night. I get headaches a lot and I have chronic migraines. Thankfully last night wasn't a migraine, but it was close. So around 1am I went downstairs to get Advil. After that I was able to sleep, but the same  headache... Continue Reading →


Residential Day 1: I’m Here

I am in a bit of a daze. I don't feel like I'm here. Except I am. I am here. Sitting on the bed I will be sleeping in for the next three months. I got here at 3:30pm today. Brought my stuff upstairs to my room. It's a nice room. Once I'm fully settled... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday; kind of

As you know, or will know, I have just completed a nine part series called "Let's Talk About..." for reference sake, I'm going to link them all here: Let’s Talk About Diet Pills Restricting Body Dysmorphia Diuretics Laxatives Chewing andSpitting Binging Purging Exercise I had a lot of positive feedback, and although it was a... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Purging

This is the final piece in my Let’s Talk About… series and it is on purging, specifically self-induced vomiting. There are other ways to purge and I’ve written about those ways in previous Let's Talk About...posts Also, I’ve edited my post on exercise so it now includes this, but if you read my post yesterday... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Exercise

Personal Experience *disclaimer. I use multiple words to describe exercise in relation to eating disorders. Basically these all mean roughly the same thing, however there are slight differences to them. Hopefully I don't confuse you too much. Here are some words you may come across in this article: compulsive exercise, over exercise, excessive exercise, problematic... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Chewing and Spitting

Personal Experience: Some people might look at the title of this blog, Chew and Spit, and think what the heck is that? Others will know exactly what it is. It is self explanatory. You chew food, and then spit it out. No swallowing. No digesting. No nutrition. For me, chewing and spitting isn't something I... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about Laxatives

Personal Experience: Oh my God, laxatives. These are the worst. I don't wish laxative abuse on anyone. They are painful and embarrassing. I have, no joke, lost control of my bowels, more than once, while taking laxatives. Yes, that means I have shit my pants as a grown adult. One time I was housesitting and... Continue Reading →

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